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America's Solar-Powered Landmarks

From coast to coast, there are quite a few iconic destinations that serve as shining examples of America's commitment to renewable energy. We've put together a list of some of the one's we thought were cool!

  1. The White House - Washington DC

The White House is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and it runs on solar power. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed the first solar panels on the roof of the West Wing, generating carbon-free electricity. They didn't last long before they were taken down in 1981.

In 2003, during the administration of George W. Bush, a 9-kilowatt solar system was installed on the roof of the grounds maintenance building. He also installed two solar systems for heating water for the pool and spa, as well as other needs.

Finally in 2014, under the Obama administration, solar panels were put back on the roof where they still live today turning sunshine into power.

2. Tesla Gigafactory - Nevada

It's no surprise that the Tesla Gigafactory runs off of solar energy, in fact, it is the LARGEST rooftop solar installation The energy produced is then used for it's daily operations.

3. Disneyworld - Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World is home to a not-so-hidden Mickey ground mount solar array. The system spans across 22 acres of land! There is also a massive 270 acre 57MW solar system. These two facilities combined produce enough renewable energy to power 40% of Walt Disney World’s total energy consumption!

4. MGM Resorts - Las Vegas, Nevada

Located in the dessert, north of Las Vegas, MGM Resorts' installed a Mega Solar Array that features 323,000 panels (100MW) arranged across 640 acres of land. This facility deliveries up to 90% of daytime power to 13 Las Vegas resorts.

5. Ikea

Although not landmarks per se, several Ikea stores across the United States have embraced solar energy by installing solar systems on the rooftops of their stores to make themselves more energy independent.

6. Alcatraz Prison - California

In 1963, Alcatraz became the first federal prison to install solar panels. The panels were used to power the prison’s laundry and kitchen facilities. Today, the prison is powered by a 1.1-megawatt solar array that generates enough energy to offset nearly 30% of the facility’s electricity use. The solar panels connect to a battery bank and power inverters that help power the island instead of relying solely on diesel generators.

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