Solar Power Systems

How to they work? What are the benefits?

Solar power is currently one of the biggest global trends in the shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels for power. There are many options when it comes to home solar systems, but there are also a lot of questions we consistently get about solar. Here are the basics that everyone should know about solar power for the home.


How does solar power work?

A solar power system uses an array of photovoltaic (PC) cells, which are usually installed on the roof to harvest energy provided by the sun and convert it into electricity.

What is a grid-tied PV system?

A grid-tied PV system is connected to a utility grid, which provides electricity to the home at night, or at other times when the PV system is not creating electricity. When your home uses power from the grid, your meter will run forward; when your PV system generates more power than your home uses, your meter will run backwards. This will result in a credit on your electric bill – imagine that! It is also important to mention that many solar rebates and incentives are only available to homeowners who have a grid-tied system installed.

What about Hurricanes?

Solar panels are installed to meet the Miami-Dade County wind load of 175 mph.

What about warranty?

All of our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty on product and energy production. If there is ever an issue, the product is replaced at no cost to you.

Can I monitor my PV system?

Our PV systems come with real time monitoring via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This provides peace of mind that your PV system is operating at all times.

What is a Battery-Tied System?

When the power goes out, you'll be thankful for your battery back-up system! These systems are sized to keep providing power to key appliances during power outages. (learn more...)

Where can solar panels be installed?

Our trained installers have the knowledge and experience to professionally install solar panels. We can install solar panels on the following roof types:

  • Metal

  • Shingle 

  • Tile

  • Flat Concrete