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  • William Ortega

Earth Day 2020

Its no secret that solar is a reliable, clean and readily available alternative energy source compared to fossil fuels.  Solar energy systems effectively reduce the need for electricity drawn from the grid, reducing greenhouse gases.

The large majority of electricity in the United States is sourced from natural gas and coal. These methods of producing electricity are not only harmful to the environment but are costly to extract and use.

Utilizing fossil fuels releases negative green house gas emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2). These harmful green house emissions play a significant factor in detrimental public and environmental issues such as: ecosystem changes, and extreme weather events.

By going solar, you are doing your part in reducing demand for fossil fuels, minimize green house gas emissions, and saving money.

Clean, renewable resource that can be used in place of fossil fuels.

- Reduce your carbon footprint

- Solar decreases harmful emissions into the atmosphere

- Provide clean energy for the next generation

- Reduces water pollution (during the manufacturing process, the amount of water needed to produce solar panels is dramatically less then the amount of water needed for more traditional energy sources)

- Reduces strain on finite resources. The suns earth is the most abundant energy source

Continue the push for a better planet and save money by going solar. Give us a call today to schedule your free energy consultation!

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