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November 22, 2022
Solar & Hurricane Season Q & A ft Enphase Battery Storage

Solar & Hurricane Season Q & A ft Enphase Battery Storage

***Facebook Live Q&A Hurricane Season edition! *** Raul answers all your hurricane season related questions in regards to solar panels and backup battery storage. Please note, Cutler Bay Solar Solutions is located in Miami, FL therefor some of the rules and regulations may not apply to your area. 6:32 “Can solar panels survive a hurricane?” 7:42 “Will my solar panels continue to produce if the grid goes down?” 8:46 “I have (2) 10 kw batteries. I turned off my main power and the batteries kicked in but my WiFi turns off when the air conditioner turns on. I think the power goes out temporarily, what can I do about that? 10:29 “If a hurricane is coming, do I need to protect my solar panels in any way?” 10:56 “If it’s a cloudy day, will I produce enough energy to power my battery?” 12:06 “How long will the battery keep your house running after a storm?” 14:00 “If there is any damage caused by a hurricane to my solar panels, Is this a warranty issue or an insurance claim?” 15:19 “How does a generator compare to the Enphase battery?” 19:43 “Enphase Battery Storage has some Storm features built into it, can you tell us about those?” 21:23 “What makes Miami-Dade installs so hurricane resistant compared to the rest of the country?” 26:20 “You said the battery goes into storm mode, is your house running on FPL (local electricity company) at that time or still just the panels? 27:03 “Is it okay to change my meter and go to savings mode with the batteries?”

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