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Solar System Servicing
& Repair

Our solar servicing and repair solutions ensure that your solar system continues to operate at peak performance, saving you money and maximizing your efficiency.

Solar System Inspections

We offer detailed examination of panels, inverters, wiring, and mounting structures and can identify and wear, damage, or potential issues.

Maintenance Service

-Monitoring and troubleshooting to prevent any potential problems.

-Ensuring all components meet current safety and performance standards.

Repairs & Replacements

-Fix or replace any damaged panels, inverters, or electrical components.

-Upgrading any outdated equipment to improve efficiency and reliability.


System Optimization

-Upgrading systems to incorporate the latest technology and advancements.

-Reconfiguring systems to better meet current energy needs and usage patterns.

Remove & Reinstall

-Remove Solar Systems when a home is getting a new roof and then re-install.

-We can work together with your roofer for the best possible attachment method.


Whether your system was installed years ago, by a company that's no longer in business, or using technology that's now outdated, we are here to help. Don't let malfunctioning or an outdated solar system reduce your energy efficiency. Contact Cutler Bay Solar Solutions today to schedule your service request with an authorized service technician. 

Thanks for submitting! One of our expert energy consultants will be in touch soon!

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