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  • William Ortega

Only Enphase has Immunity from High-voltage DC Fire Hazards

There are 2 types of electricity in our world — DC electricity and AC electricity; most of us use AC electricity throughout our homes. There are 2 kinds of energy solutions on the market — those that combine high-voltage DC and convert it as one giant tsunami to AC for home use, and those like Enphase Energy’s which convert DC electricity at its lowest possible denominator which is at the DC electrical source, itself, the solar panel. Each solution produces the desired result, but Enphase’s is superior in terms of safety, reliability, and longevity.

On our home’s roof, I would have none other than the safest, most reliable and longest-lasting solution available, and that is why we chose an Enphase Energy solution which uses microinverter technology and not a central string inverter. Knowing the difference between these 2 competing energy solutions could literally mean the difference between life and death.

A low-voltage energy solution uses Enphase’s microinverters. A high-voltage energy solution uses a single-point-of-failure, central string inverter and DC optimizers. In terms of reliability, Enphase’s solution is the champion, and in terms of safety, Enphase also wins since they convert electricity at the lowest possible level. Furthermore, by only dealing with low-voltage electrical conversion, Enphase wins the longevity award; electronics break down over time due to heat, and the higher the voltage, the quicker they break, so by common sense, Enphase’s solution wins the longevity title. An extremely informative article on the inherent dangers of high-voltage DC can be viewed on Finn Peacock’s website in the Land Down Under, or by watching this Youtube video demonstrating high-voltage DC arc faults; both the article and the video are highly recommended. Furthermore, the plethora of fire departments who choose Enphase on their roofs further proves which energy solution is preferred. In addition to the dangers presented by the fire hazards, yet another telltale which proves the superiority of an Enphase energy solution is the degradation that can occur to solar panels over time in a high-voltage DC energy solution; the problem is called “Potential Induced Degradation” or PID and refers to a phenomena where over time, a solar panel can degrade because of the high-voltage DC electricity environment in which it continuously operates. Enphase was and always has been a “PID-free” energy solution since it does not deal with high-voltage energy conversion. In summary, Enphase is the 25-year energy solution to choose regardless of price. With the release of Ensemble, Enphase’s microgrid-forming software technology embedded in its microinverters, the company now has an energy solution for the masses. We are not only a solar installer, but we are also a longstanding customers who will be upgrading to Ensemble. If you’re searching for energy freedom and security, then Enphase is the way to go!

Give us a call today, and let our family help yours go solar! 305-280-0638.

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