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Cutler Bay Solar Solutions Shines Bright at Whispering Pines Elementary Career Day

Inspiring The Next Generation!

At Cutler Bay Solar, we believe in not only providing sustainable energy solutions for today but also inspiring the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

This year, we had the opportunity to participate in career / truck day at Whispering Pines Elementary, where we brought along some solar technologies to engage and educate the students.

One of the highlights of our presentation was our tiny solar house, equipped with solar panels on top and enphase battery storage inside. This allowed us to invite the curious students inside, providing them with a firsthand glimpse into how solar energy powers our everyday lives.

We also brought along a few solar race cars.

The children eagerly embraced the opportunity to play with cars, learning about the power of solar energy through hands-on experience and friendly competition.

In addition, we showcased a solar panel-powered fan, demonstrating the direct relationship between sunlight and energy production. By covering the solar panel, the children observed firsthand how the fan's motion came to a halt, emphasizing the crucial role of sunlight in generating power. Conversely, when exposed to the sun, the panel sprang to life, powering the fan and illustrating the endless possibilities of harnessing solar energy.

It's always our honor to shine a light on the importance of renewable energy and inspire the leaders of tomorrow to embrace a more sustainable world.

Fun fact: Half of our office staff attended Whispering Pines Elementary back in the 90's!

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